About Us

DeMar Cattle have been a part of the Hoot family tradition for many years, but 17 years ago, we became interested in the Limousin breed. At that time, the animals we purchased were red, horned and roundmuscled. We purchased the best animals we could afford and then began upgrading herd quality by breeding artificially and purchasing embryos from some of the breeds best dams and sires.

Over the years we have set goals for the herd. Our ideal cattle would be homo black and homo polled and very gentle. They would have low calving weights, high weaning and yearling weights and a positive marbling score. All the females would have good udders and be good mothers. Phenotypically, any resulting calves would stand out in a show ring. We strive to consistently improve these goals using the newest technologies possible.

Another goal we strive for is providing “customized quality” for all our buyers. We delve deeper than just the generic needs to provide the best possible potential to improve the herd they are destined for.

We are hands-on cattlemen. We do not direct operations on the phone. We always remember that although we enjoy seeing our cattle win in the show ring and provide the upper end of the females for registered breeders looking for different genetics to improve their herd, our principle purpose is to provide bulls for discerning commercial breeders.